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HomesocialFeline Loyalty Prevails: When a Man Chooses His Cat Over His Ex-Girlfriend

Feline Loyalty Prevails: When a Man Chooses His Cat Over His Ex-Girlfriend

Check this out—a tale that’s as uncommon as it is heartwarming!


An Imgur user recently unveiled a captivating sequence of snapshots narrating an extraordinary encounter with his ex-girlfriend. The story kicks off with the man’s revelation:

“My ex and I still harbor feelings for each other, but parted ways due to conflicting religious beliefs. Just the other day, she dropped a bombshell: if we were to reconcile, I’d have to bid farewell to my cat.”

Now, that’s a tough bind…

The man found himself in a quandary, torn between a shared history and an unexpected demand. Yet, when his former flame made it clear that the cat had to exit the scene for them to rekindle their romance, his decision was crystal clear.

When it boiled down to a choice between his beloved pet Hobbes and the chance of a reconciliation, there was only one winner…

“At 33, Hobbes is my closest companion. He’s family,” the man affirmed.

“Parting with my furry friend is simply not an option. And honestly, her demand has erased any desire I had to revive our relationship. Case closed.”

In a twist of fate, it seems the girlfriend’s ultimatum made the choice all the more obvious. Had she not set this condition, she might not even be an ex at this point.

For us devoted cat aficionados, partners may come and go, but the unbreakable bonds we share with our feline pals endure indefinitely! And to the man who stood firm, I offer this: You made the right call, the only call.



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