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HomesocialHow Dogs Find Solace Together Amidst Challenges

How Dogs Find Solace Together Amidst Challenges

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts for their ability to offer solace when we’re unwell or feeling low. Their intuitive nature seems to recognize our sadness or sickness, prompting them to stand by our side, lending their comforting presence. Yet, it’s not just humans that dogs extend this comfort to; they also exhibit remarkable compassion towards each other during times of distress.


Numerous instances showcase the unwavering loyalty of dogs, standing by an injured companion despite adversity. Stories abound of dogs steadfastly refusing to leave the side of their hurt or deceased fellow canines. In a touching account, one ailing dog becomes a source of solace for another enduring a harrowing ordeal.

Meet Simon and Sammie, two dogs rescued from different shelters in South Carolina, now under the care of the compassionate team at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC—an all-volunteer non-profit rescue organization.

Simon, a one-year-old Border Collie, suffered from a severe case of mange, a skin condition triggered by mites. His condition upon arrival at the shelter was distressing; feverish, in agony, and malnourished, with festering wounds marking his body.

Meanwhile, Sammie, a 3 to 4-month-old Boxer puppy, bore the scars of unimaginable abuse. He had been spray-painted, shot in the head, and subjected to being dragged behind a vehicle. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared the grim details of Sammie’s plight on Instagram, describing his injuries as grievous, with visible wounds and crushed bones in at least one back leg.

Remarkably, despite enduring his own suffering, Simon sought out Sammie, offering him comfort. Their connection transcended the ordinary, forging a profound bond that continued to deepen. Through the relentless efforts of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, both received the vital care they urgently required. Simon’s recovery progress has been evident, while Sammie remains in critical condition. Yet, Simon stands as a vigilant guardian, steadfastly watching over and protecting his fragile companion.



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